Busy packing, busy with travel arrangements and busy with the kids. Do I have everything? This thought keeps running through your mind. We have all been there…, mom says to dad, you got the travel insurance right? Dad’s mind is racing, he forgot!!!! Its Sunday and everything is closed, NO WORRIES, we got you covered!

Instant travel insurance with Blue Cross is your answer, click this link and get started.

Just got home from the Dentist with a $500.00 bill to pay? Or you picked up your kids prescription and wondering where you’re going to find the extra money to pay? We can help protect your loved ones with a Saskatchewan Health Plan. Just looking at the cost of an ambulance ride from Kamsack to Regina, one way is over $2000.00 should make you want to a least investigate this option. Visit us in the office for a one on one application process or if you do not want to share that information you can click this link to get started.